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Our Preschool class  is for children turning 3 years old by November 15th, and is offered on  T/TH. Both morning (9:15-11:45) and afternoon (12:45-3:15) sessions are  offered. Class enrollment is 30 children with four teachers per  session.

Our Pre-Kindergarten class  is for children turning 4 years old by November 15th, it is offered on  MWF.  Each class offers a morning (9:15-11:45) or an  afternoon(12:45-3:15) session. There are a maximum of 30 children per  class session. Three Teachers and one Teacher Assistant provide  instruction during each class session.

Our Junior Kindergarten was  initially started for children who miss the "age cut-off" for public  school Kindergarten.  We offer three choices: M-W-F morning  (9:15-11:45), T-TH morning (9:15-11:45) or M-F afternoon (12:45-3:15).   Children should be 5 years old by March 15th of the following spring.   We utilize two classrooms with a maximum of 14 children per room.  Two  Teachers provide instruction during each class session. 

Our Integrated Arts is  a fun filled, hands-on program, which includes more Music, Art, Science  and Story. This class will enhance your child's everyday experiences.  Your child will practice their expanding listening skills, gross motor,  fine motor and cognitive skills. Class time is T-TH 12:45-3:15. The  class enrollment is 20 children with two teachers.

By combining our T/TH morning Jr.Kindergarten with our afternoon enrichment program, Integrated Arts, children may attend all day T/TH from 9:15am-3:15pm.

Our Kindergarten program is for children turning 5 by October 15th. The program is  scheduled for all day MWF, from 9:15 am-3:15 pm. The maximum class size  is 20 children, with two elementary qualified teachers providing  instruction.

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